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D&C Mobile Mechanical are Brisbane’s favourite mobile car mechanics. Regardless of whether you need us at home, around the office, or on the side of the road, we’ll be there to help get your vehicle operating and back on the road. Our Brisbane mobile mechanic crew cover Ipswich & the Western Suburbs, Southside Brisbane, Logan & its surrounding suburbs, with a full complement of mobile car mechanic services such as brake and clutch repair, suspension repairs, and car servicing. Call outs start at $70 dollars and AfterPay makes payments convenient and simple. Competitive pricing, experienced specialist technicians, combined with prompt and friendly customer service makes D&C Mobile Mechanical the call out mechanic team of choice.
Get a quote from the 5-star Brisbane mobile mechanic team at D&C Mobile Mechanical by calling (07) 3271 2534 today! For further questions or enquiries, please e-mail or connect with us online.


Has the engine light come on in your car? Is your car not driving the way it normally does? Is there a weird noise coming from your engine and you have no idea what it is? Then book in for a repair callout. Our repair callouts include up to half and hour for diagnosing, and from there we will quote any further repairs required. Call out fee $70


Compact, sporty, big, old, or new we have you covered. Our extensive knowledge of vehicles, training, and experience helps us straighten out your vehicle issues promptly at an affordable price.


D&C Mobile Mechanical provides a full range of service options to keep your vehicle in its optimal operating condition. Our experienced professional team supplies regular and logbook mobile car service Brisbane wide. Uniform routine maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle running at peak performance and helps expand its longevity so contact one of our mobile car mechanic technicians today to keep your vehicle in top form.


Brakes are a critical safety feature on every motor vehicle and the veteran D&C Mobile Mechanical team knows how to keep them functioning correctly and safely. Request a call out mechanic at your convenience to perform a detailed inspection or repair to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your brake pads. Our mobile brake service can diagnose any current issues as well as prevent smaller problems from becoming a major issue in the future.


The suspension system preserves the sturdiness and reliability of a vehicle. It includes elements such as tyres, shock absorbers, and springs that all work together to keep your vehicle stable and handling properly. A damaged or worn-out suspension will make your drive bumpier as well as harder to control. Our mobile car mechanic professionals have the experience to thoroughly perform an inspection and use premium quality components as replacement parts. Whether at home or at the office, you can contact our mobile suspension repairs team and have your vehicle issues resolved promptly.


Your clutch literally keeps your vehicle moving so keeping it functioning properly is crucial to keeping you on the road. A clutch can become worn down over time through general use making it harder to accelerate, shift gears, as well as potentially create a sticky pedal. Our experienced Brisbane mobile mechanic team can efficiently analyse any problems and provide an economical fix to keep you moving. Keep your engine and wheels engaged effectively with the mobile clutch service provided by D&C Mobile Mechanical.



Unsure where that irritating noise is coming from and not clear about what it means? Is your vehicle not operating as it normally does? Call on a skilled roadside mechanic from D&C Mobile Mechanical, our callouts include 30 minutes for diagnosing the problem and a quote for further repairs; all for an affordable $70. Don’t be inconvenienced by auto difficulties, ring a call out mechanic for speedy assistance regardless of your location.


Car problems will occur in a variety of forms, and they are always inconvenient. Call for mobile car repair from D&C Mobile Mechanical to effectively handle your vehicle’s issues. Our knowledge and experience allow us to quickly analyse the trouble and resolve it swiftly. We use high quality components and offer competitive rates, call on us so you can easily get back to your daily routine.  

Reach out to our friendly reliable Brisbane mobile mechanic team by calling (07) 3271 2534 now. Have questions or need a quote? D&C Mobile Mechanical is always happy to answer questions, email or enquire online and we will respond shortly.

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